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Flyter JR delivery drone – propeller test – sUAS News

The Flyter startup has published a video about the tests of the propeller-motor group for the Flyter JR cargo drone with a take-off weight of up to 30 kg and a payload weight of up to 10 kg:

As part of the first stage of the project, implemented with the grant support of the Innovation Assistance Fund under the Start-1 program, we built a stand and tested lifting propeller-motor groups on it. As a result of the tests, we selected the composition of the propeller-motor group from the components of the Mad Motor company, which has the best characteristics for our task.

In particular, we found that the selected lifting propeller-motor group at nominal thrust (1/4 of 30kg = 7.5 kg), shaded by the wing, consumed 13% more energy than the same propeller-motor group free from shading. And during a five-minute test at rated thrust, this propeller-motor group consumed an average of about 960 watts of power, and its motor heated up by only 41 degrees.

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